What colors make black eyes pop?

Since this color is technically a neutral, you are lucky and can wear any color eyeshadow! The colors I’ve found that make them stand out most though are purples, teals, and greens.

What is the best makeup for oily skin?

Oily skin is tough to deal with especially in the summer. My fix: an oil mattifier as a primer and mineral foundation. I know Mary Kay has a good mattifier, and I like Bare Escentuals foundation as it soaks up all the extra oil. Keep blotting sheets with you for touch ups throughout the day.

Should you match your eyeshadow color to your clothes?

NO! If you’re wearing a green shirt, don’t wear green eyeshadow- it’s too matchy matchy. Instead, choose something that is opposite on the color wheel. My biggest tip: the brighter the clothes, the more neutral color the makeup- this doesn’t mean you need to do a simple look… You can wear a dramatic look if you have a bright pink top on, but go with a black smokey eye or a brown smudged look instead of something with color. If you are wearing black, brown, or another neutral, then go with a brighter color for the eyes or lips for that “pop”.

How do you take good pictures of yourself?

Take a TON of pictures! Out of say 100 that I take, I find maybe 3 that I love. Also having a flipscreen camera helps as I can see what I’m taking pictures of. Go outside for your pictures as natural light is more flattering, and hold the camera high to make your face look thinner :)

How often do you shop for makeup?

Let’s face it- the title of the site “Makeup Geek” is because I’m a makeup fanatic. The bright colors, the textures, the feeling I get when I step into a makeup store- ahhh…. it’s like heaven! haha! BUT, I limit myself to just a couple things from different collections as otherwise I’d be living on the streets in a cardboard box.

How do I cover up acne?

Use concealer that is 1-2 shades darker than your skin. If you use a light concealer, it’s only going to enhance the acne instead of actually hiding it. The trick is to blend around the edges or apply foundation over the concealer to smooth out the color difference. If you have redness from the acne, use a green concealer as it counteracts redness- you do need to apply foundation on top though so you don’t look like Kermit….

My favorite concealers: Coastal Scents Camo Quad, Make Up For Ever cream concealer, and Bobbi Brown Concealer (for under the eyes)

What’s the best foundations to use?

My favorite for combo/oily skin: Revlon Colorstay as it dries to a matte finish and covers amazingly well
My favorite for oily skin: Bare Escentuals or any other mineral foundation as it helps to soak up the extra oil
My favorite for combo/dry skin: Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid as it gives a nice de...